Fred W Hornbruch III

75-5719 Alii Drive #204, Kailua Kona, HI 96740

650-995-4515 or 808-769-6961 or F[email protected] or [email protected]



                         Phileas Fogg’s VENTURES, Kailua Kona, HI, since 2017.

                                           (Formerly in Menlo Park, CA, 2008-2017).                                                                                                                                Providing entrepreneurial mentoring and publishing services

                                         …. to start-ups, small organizations and authors all of types. 

                         Early Learning Institute (ELI), Inc., 1983-1989, and since 2008.

                                             Member of the Board of Directors at

                                        Early childhood centers, schools and educational services.

                         Ambassador/Mentor to HIplan Business Plan Competition, since 2017.

                                             Promoting Big Island entrepreneurship at

                          Board Director of Friends of the Libraries, Kona (F.O.L.K.), since 2018.

                                             Help raise money and support the events and activities at the

                                        Kailua Kona & Kealakekua Public Libraries at

                         Substitute Teacher for the Hawaii Dept. of Education, since 2018.

                                             On-call to teach grades K-12 in West Hawaii Island public schools.

                         Volunteer at the Full Circle Thrift Shop, since 2018.

                                             Supporting the Sadie Seymour Botanical Gardens, Kailua Kona, HI.



                          Travel Consultant, Palo Alto, Oakland, Menlo Park, CA, 2001-2017.

                                             Affiliated with Orinda Travel and Howard Tours, Inc.

                                        Marketing, selling and leading travel around the world.

                          San Francisco Int’l Ocean Film Festival, Inc., 2005-2010.

                                            Member of the Board of Directors and Secretary of this

                                        501(c) 3 non-profit organization at

                          Creative Publications, Inc. Palo Alto, CA, 1969-1981.

                                             President and Chief Executive Officer, 1977-1981.

                                         Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, 1969-1977.

                                         Member of the Board of Directors, 1969-1981.

                                         Publisher & marketer of educational materials worldwide.

                                         Negotiated sale of the company to Westinghouse Learning Corp., 1981.

                    Trans World Airlines, Cargo Marketing, New York, NY 1968.

                                             Conducted system wide study of cargo marketing, summer, 1968.

                          Procter & Gamble, Food Mfg. Div., New York, NY 1964-1967.

                                             Department Supervisor, Crisco Oil Packaging, 1966-1967.         

                                        Project Engineer and Construction Manager, 1964-1966.

                    Director and/or Management Consultant, 1981-2015.

                                              Page Mill YMCA, Board of Managers, Palo Alto, CA, 2009-2015.

                                                     Chair of the Annual Giving Campaign, 2009-2011; 

                                                     Volunteer of the Year, 2010; Chair of the Board, 2011-2013;

                                                     Member 1982-2003, 2009-2017.

                                         Oakland Downtown YMCA, Board of Managers, Oakland, CA, 2003-2008.

                                                     Member and part-time Spinning Instructor.

                                         Stanford National Swim Camps, Advisory Board, Palo Alto, CA, 1999-2001.

                                         Center for Citizen Initiatives, Consultant, San Francisco, CA, 1993-97, 2017. 

                                                     Business Consultant (8 trips to Russia) with the

                                                     Economic Development Program (EDP) to and from Russia.

                                         Investacon, Inc., Board of Directors, Irvine, CA 1981-89.

                                                     Investment management and real estate consulting.

                                         Western States Endurance Run, Board of Directors, Sacramento, CA, 1983-89.

                                                     Annual 100-mile footrace, Squaw Valley to Auburn, CA.

                                         Hidden Villa Ranch Board of Directors, Los Altos, CA 1985-86.

                                                     1800+ acre educational and wilderness preserve.

                                         The Landsing Corporation, Consultant, Menlo Park, CA, 1983-84.

                                                     Real estate investment, management and consulting.

                                         The Learning Company, Board of Directors, Menlo Park, CA, 1982-84.

                                                     Educational software products and services.

                                         Challenge Computer Supply, Board of Directors, Palo Alto, CA, 1981-84.

                                                     Computer accessory supply catalog sales.



                    Stanford Graduate School of Business, 1967-1969, M.B.A.

                                         Feature Editor and reporter, The Reporter newspaper;

                                         Vice President, Invenovators, Inc.; Chairman, Meet the Alumni; 

                                         Helped establish new Ford Foundation EDD/MBA Program.


                          Yale University, 1960-1964, B.S. Industrial Administration.

                                             Dean’s List. Nominated for the Plimpton Prize. Lambda Society. 

                                         Freshman Football & Track 1960-1961. Varsity Track 1961-963.

                                         Yale Management Assn., Vice Pres., 1962-63, President, 1963-64.

                                         Yale Engineering Assn., President 1963-1964.


                                         International business and services, performing arts, photography, travel of all kinds,                                                                 and most sports … including finishing the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon, 1982 & 1992,

                                         the Hawaiian Ultraman Triathlon, 1983, Western States 100 Mile Run, 1984 & 1987

                                         and Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run, 1988, and numerous marathons and triathlons

                                         around the world, plus outrigger canoe racing with HPOCC in Foster City, CA and

                                         with KCC in Keauhou, Kona, Hawaii, since 2009.

Memberships and Activities:

                                              Stanford Business School Alumni Assn., since 1969. President, 1981-82.

                                         Distinguished Service Award, 1985. Alumni Council, Chairman, 1985-86.

                                         Yale University and Stanford University Alumni Assns. since 1964 & 1969.                                                                                   The Explorers Club, Northern California Chapter, SF, CA, 1986-1994.

                                         CEO Forum, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA, 1993-1999.

                                         Mentor, Product Realization Network (PRN) at Stanford, CA, 2009-2011.

                                         Citizens Schools Teacher, Cesar Chavez Academy, E. Palo Alto, CA, 2011.

                                         E1-2 M​entor, Sequoia High School, Redwood City, CA, 2011-13.

                                         Part-time Teacher at CCIS, Bechtel Int’l Center, Stanford, CA, 2014-2017.

                                         Sequoia YMCA, Redwood City, CA, 2015-2017.

                                         Page Mill YMCA, Palo Alto, CA, 1982-2003, and 2009-2015.

                                         Oakland Downtown YMCA, Oakland, CA, 2003-2008.

                                         Palo Alto University Rotary Club, Palo Alto, CA, 2002-2003, 2009-2017.

                                         Oakland #3 Rotary Club, Oakland, CA, 2003-2008.

                                         Rotary Club of Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA, 1987-1994, Secretary 1992-1994.

                                         Supporter of the Berkeley Symphony, Berkeley, CA, 2003-2008.

                                         Supporter of the Oakland-East Bay Symphony, Oakland, CA, 2006-2008.

                                         Part-time Action Sports employee at REI, Berkeley, CA 2005-2006.

                                         Volunteer Information Officer, Superior Court of California,

                                         Alameda County, Oakland, CA, 2003-2004.

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