Lifestyle Considerations

           * The Acronym ‘A SLICE’ to Determine Where You Are & Where You Want to Go.

           * HEALTH-WEALTH-INFLUENCE Matrix for setting dynamic personal priorities.

           * Maslow’s HIERARCHY OF NEEDS to realize Self Actualization.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

         * MANAGERIAL GRID to consider the emphasis on people versus tasks.

           * MANAGEMENT INVOLVEMENT to determine shifting priorities over time.

          * MANAGEMENT DYNAMICS to determine organizational forces and balances.

Start-Up Considerations

            * Profit v/s Non-profit Sector... Sole Proprietorship v/s Corporation v/s Partnership.

            * Mission / Vision Statements... Target markets, customers and goals.

            * Goals: Personal, Professional and Organizational.

            * Product/Service... How to profitably determine market positions.

            * Team Building... How to make it happen.

            * Funding... Equity v/s Debt v/s Crowd Funding to make the endeavor happen.


            * Entrepreneurial mentoring to individuals and organizations.

            * Helping authors of all types.

Hawaii Island Business Plan Competition

Fred is actively involved as the Hawaii Island Westside Ambassador & Mentor for the Business Plan Competition. 

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